‘MIR’ Preparations: Union Minister Visits Myanmar International Radio Station

2 January 2018

Myanmar International Radio, MIR, will begin in the first week of 2018 to serve as a new wave to get the world closer with Myanmar.

Ministry of Information and Shwe Than Lwin Media Co., Ltd. will jointly launch the Myanmar International Radio which will broadcast in English.  Myanmar International Radio aims to broadcast true news about Myanmar, to promote the country’s tourism sector and to attract foreign investment for the country’s economic development. Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint on Sunday visited the radio station, inspecting preparation measures and meeting with the officials.

VICE PRESIDENT, SHWE THAN LWIN MEDIA CO., LTD., KO KO said “If we are using Myanmar language, only the locals can understand. So we have to tell the world in English which is mostly used around the world.”

As Myanmar International Radio has foreign experts, it will help the local staff improve the skills, the Vice President added.

VICE PRESIDENT, SHWE THAN LWIN MEDIA CO., LTD.,KO KO said “We must learn from the experts who have International experiences. For that, this is also an opportunity. Working closely with the experts will help the locals improve their skills, I’m sure.”

Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw can receive the radio transmission through 96.1MHz, 96.5MHz and 96.7MHz respectively.