10-week Programme: Football And Fitness Clinic - Summer 2018 For Kids, Parents, Adults

1 April 2018

The Football and Fitness Clinic - Summer 2018 kicked off at the football pitch of Star City on Sunday.

The training in Thanlyin includes football training for kids and outdoor fitness activity for parents and adults. The fitness program for parents and adults involves Zumba Dance Workout, outdoor functional training, boot camp and many more.

Country Manager, Seara Sports Myanmar, Aung Myo Phine said "I got the idea to open up the training program for parents and adults as well as I don’t want them to waste their time waiting for the kids training. For the training course, there is no restriction on gender. We will provide jerseys, socks and refreshments for the trainees."

Adult Trainee, Aye Aye Chit said "I found out about the fitness program for parents via internet. I joined the program for health and physical exercise. I think this training will help me become a healthier person."

The aim of football training program for kids is to share the basic knowledge of football as well as for teamwork and fun.

Guest Coach, Thiha Sithu said "I am very interested in this program as it aims both for football and fitness. Fitness is essential for all those who want to be professional footballers. I will support the new comers and beginners by sharing all I've learnt so far."

Kid Trainee, Zin Min said "I am close with the trainers here. They advised me to join this 10 weeks training course. So, I decided to come here every Sunday."

The 10 weeks long course is on every Sunday with 1 hour of training.