16th Anniversary: Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association Cerebrated

3 September 2018

16th anniversary of Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association (MPHA) in conjunction with the donation ceremony for the disabilities was held on Sunday at Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).

MPHA has been established in 2002 as Handicapped Development Group and the anniversary was held annually since then.

Chairman, MPHA, Myat Oo said “By holding this event, we, disable people can meet each other and have a chance to make friends. And, because of this event, the ordinary people will not forget about us, this event will raise the awareness of them that the world exist not only ordinary people but also disable people like us.”

The event includes award presenting ceremony, donation ceremony, job opportunity presentation for disable persons and voting for the changing of association’s name from Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association (MPHA) to Myanmar Disabled Association.

Deputy Director General, Department of Rehabilitation, Myo Set Aung said “Our Department has responsibility for the right of disable persons. However, We alone can’t make it. I want to ask for the collaborative support of the international organizations, NGO, the civil society organizations, PSI and the public.” 

Two honorable awards for outstanding disable persons from the main office and three awards for branch offices, five honorable awards for social workers and two awards for the job opportunities were given at the event.

Outstanding Social worker prize, Retired nurse, Khin Thi said “They can do things that we ordinary people cannot do and it’s really amazing. They have strong mind and that’s why I’ve determined to help them until my last breath.”

1.87 million kyats for the stipend of the disable students and 101000 kyats for the health aid for the disable persons were presented at the event.