4K, VR and Nintendo Switch are hot topics as public attend E3 for the first time

14 June 2017

VR, 4K and Nintendo Switch are among the hot topics as gaming convention and allowing the public in to explore the convention for the very first time this year. >>> JOURNALIST , POCKET-LINT.COM ,MIKE LOWE <<< "So 4K, last year Sony had the PlayStation 4 Pro which can handle that high resolution and Microsoft's now basically answered that with the XBox One X. People want to play in high resolution, it gives that greater fidelity, the visuals are more stunning so it's a really important thing for gamer. VR, it's been a interesting year for that because XBox didn't talk about it at all where as Sony in their conference had a section with some big games, some smaller ones and it's kind of still in that phase of will it or won't it take off." While fans are excited about new additions to popular franchises such as Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and fresh entries in the Mario Brothers series, high definition 4K gaming and VR, previously favored by the more hardcore gamers.