53rd Anniversary: Yangon Region Police Force Marks Myanmar Police Force Day

1 October 2017

Yangon Region Police Force marked the 53rd Anniversary of Myanmar Police Force Day falling on the 1st of October.

Established in 1964, Myanmar Police Force under the Ministry of Home Affairs was re-organized in the 1st of October 1995. The Myanmar Police Force is undertaking the tasks of ensuring security, peace and stability, rule of law, drug eradication and prevention as well as community-based policing. Yangon Region Police Force combated 824 drug cases, arresting 1236 culprits and destroying the drug worth 217 USD this year.

Police Major, Yangon Region Police Force, Hla Wai said “This celebration also involves honouring the police members. The members who carried out outstanding performance in criminal cases and community-based policing were awarded. Under 5-year MoU between Myanmar Police Force and the EU, capacity building training is being conducted. More members are assigned to ensure security in the region.”

There has been a decline in the number of criminal cases in the region due to the community’s and departments’ cooperation with the police force.

Police Captain, Yangon Region Police Force (East District), Saw Myaing Ohn said “I got the Yangon Region Chief Minister award as I could solve a murder case within 31 hours. I was promoted too. There has been a decline in the number of criminal cases in the region. Most of the cases are related to the young people. We practice community policing and we achieve success.”

Yangon Region Police Force has been carrying out community-based policing and service-oriented policing in 25 out of 44 townships. The region government provided 500 million kyats for the Police Force for better services.

Police Lieutenant, Yangon Region Police Force (North District), Htun Lin said “Our District won 3 prizes as we could solve robbery, theft and murder cases faster. In the district, we also have been carrying out educative awareness programmes in wards and schools. Today, the public cooperate with us – it helps us to prevent and solve cases faster.”

Also, township and district administrators and outstanding students of the police force families were presented awards in the ceremony.