Agriculture Development: National Climate Smart Agriculture Centre Opened

17 August 2018

National Climate Smart Agriculture Centre opened at Yezin Agriculture University in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday.

Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Dr. Aung Thu gave a speech. He said that climate change is impacting agricultural production negatively, which potentially can lead to food insecurity. He added that by adapting climate smart agricultural systems, that are more resilient to climatic trends and changes, losses in-production can be reduced and food security situation can be enhanced.

The centre was opened under the program on sustainable cropland and forest management in priority agro-ecosystems of Myanmar. The program is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation with the fund supported by Global Environment Facility under the FAO.

Representative, FAO Myanmar, Xiaojie Fan said “This is one the key activities under this GEF funded project. So, this centre will focus on capacity building of government and related stakeholders that working in a climate smart agriculture and also sustainable land management. So, for the centre, we are going to provide technical support but also some financial facility support.”

The Union Minister also stressed that this collaboration could bring successful endeavours in development and dissemination in advanced technologies in the field of climate smart agriculture technology.