Air Force Day: Senior General Addressed At The 70th Anniversary Ceremony

15 December 2017

70th Anniversary of the Myanma Air Force Day was held at Meikhitla Air Base on Friday. Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attended the ceremony and gave a speech. The Senior General said that it needs to fulfill the modernized ordnance to build a modern Army.

 He pointed out that the constant training is needed to be able to apply those modern equipments. He urged all to promote the prestige of the Air Force by abiding by the codes of conduct of the Army. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the commissioning ceremony of the new aircrafts.

The Senior General and party later enjoyed the demonstration of aircraft fleet. Later, the Senior General and party released the 70 birds for sanctuary, and sprinkled the scented water to the commissioning aircrafts. They later cordially greeted the veteran military officers who attended the ceremony. The honorary awards were also presented to the pilots who participated in the flight demonstration.

The Senior General later formally opened the commemorative exhibition to mark the Air Force Anniversary. Documentary photos of the Myanma Air Force, commissioning ceremonies, equipments of the pilots, vehicles being used in the Air Force, books stall, utensil shops, local products, traditional foods, and vegetables are displayed at the exhibition.

Credit – Commander-In-Chief’s Office