Archery Sport: Discussions On Further Development Of Archery

9 January 2018

The officials from Myanmar Archery Federation gathered at the Archery Federation in Yangon with the aim to discuss further development of the archery sport.

The Myanmar Archery Federation with the leading of new Chairman is attempting to select at least ten archery athletes in each state and region to reform as the full-capacity federation.

Vice Chairman, Myanmar Archery Federation, Kyaw Oo said “Today we are going to talk about further plans of executive committee and also matters on taking gold medals in 30th SEA Games and 19th AUG Games, fresher athletes and coaches recruitment plus supplying technical assistances. Likewise, holding state and regional level competition and providing assistance to the sports and physical institute concerning on the archery sport.”

During the 22 years after founding the Federation, 94 gold medals, 97 silver and 91 bronze medals could grabbed from over 100 international competitions. The newly appointed Chairman of Myanmar Archery Federation claimed that the ability of the federation is climbing down after the year of 2010.

Chairman, Myanmar Archery Federation, Zay Thiha said “Not only ability of athletes but also ability of coaches are needed to promote to get back the professional federation, plus the technical upgrade as well.  We are now planning to make efforts for achieving gold medals in coming international competitions. The reason of declining the ability of the federation is the weakness in recruiting fresher athletes as the athletes from ten years ago are still participating in the competitions and new generation for the archery sport is hard to find.”

Founded in 1995, the Myanmar Archery Federation participated in over 100 international competitions.