Art Show: Displaying Photos And Documentary Films Created By 3 Artists

17 November 2017

Landscape and culture photo exhibition and documentary film show kicked off by three artists on Friday.

It aims to promote beautiful countryside landscape and raise awareness on tribes which are threatened with extinction.

To do so, filmmaker Kyaw Kyaw Min, photographers U Than Myint and Naw Thi travelled those places to create the pictures and documentary films.

Over 120 photos and 6 documentary films are displayed in the exhibition.

It took even 7 years to finish one of the documentary films. These efforts led those local tribes to value their culture more than ever, said by filmmaker Kyaw Kyaw Min.

Filmmaker, Kyaw Kyaw Min said “Our country owns beautiful landscape so I’d like to promote tourism industry by highlighting its beauty through these pictures. And also there are many ethnic tribes in our country. Some of them are facing threat of extinction. So it would be better if we could film about their culture and show to the local and international audience. That’s why I filmed them.”

These photos and documentary films of those places were taken in Shan, Kachin, Chin and Rakhine states.

Visitor, Moe Sandar said “I have never been to some places on these photos.  They are really beautiful. Seeing these pictures I'm attracted to go those places.”

It will be exhibited until November 21st.