Artistic Training: Any University Student Can Join At Yangon University

19 June 2018

Students from any university of Yangon can now join an artistic training given by experienced artists at Yangon University starting from the 18th of Juac

Former Tutor, National University of Arts and Culture, Hla Hla Win said “Since the time of founding the Arts association in 1953, I gave dance courses to students from basic to profession levels. Now they are going to give training on dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. I welcome all the new comers as they are our next generation. Students must have passion for healthy practices and artistic works.”

This is the opening ceremony for the artistic training and also it’s a kind of reintroduction of the Arts Association. The Arts Association was founded in 1953 and the later years were its heyday till 1988. After 1988, the works of the Arts Association faded.

Trainer, Arts Association, Htet Arkar said “The courses on dancing, singing and playing musical instruments will be conducted from Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. The Yangon University Arts Association wants all the enthusiastic students from the universities of Yangon to join the courses. No need to pay fees for the training - only Arts Association membership fee is needed. Arts Association members can freely join all the courses they are interested in.”

Aside from Arts Association, there are State High School of Arts (Yangon) and National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon and Mandalay). The students can learn the specialized subjects for arts and culture at these schools.