Asian Delicacy: Booming Business Of Priciest Bird Nest

18 June 2017

The edible bird nest is one of the main businesses of locals in southern Myanmar.

Previously, birds are naturally nested in the particular building.

Due to increased demand of the industry, people build houses with grey concrete structure to attract the birds.

It was started in Myeik decades ago and later, the production spread to Bokpyin and nearby Kawthaung.

There are now more than 130 houses devoted to the swiftlets dotted around the region, according to AFP report citing the state media.

Bird nest owner , Paing Set Aung: We started to build bird houses ten years ago. At first they only nested in one house, naturally. Then people started to make the man-made roosts.

Dozens of buildings dedicated to the tiny birds have sprung up around Bokpyin in recent years.

Traders can charge around 2,000 dollars a viss (equivalent to 1.63 kilogrammes) for the tiny nests.

Bird nest seller,  Lin Aung: Bird nests are one of the main businesses in Bokpyin and the Bokpyin bird nests are popular.

China is the top buyer of bird nests from Myanmar. Chinese people have eaten the protein-rich nests for centuries - often in soups and deserts.

Owner , bird nest restaurant , Zhang Yi: In China, the bird nest has been a really famous and much loved traditional tonic since ancient times. It is mild and a little sweet. It is good for women, the elderly, children and men.

Nests are normally harvested three or four times a year, but traders can collect them often as once a month if they are in need of cash.