Avocado Festival: Over 270 Species On Display In Hopone

7 January 2018

Second Myanmar Avocado Festival was held in Hopone of Southern Shan State on 6th January.

It was organized by Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association.

The festival aims for the farmers to promote agriculture knowledge and to get increased income. It also hopes to distribute the local products not only to the whole country but also to penetrate the international market.

The festival also includes the fruits and flowers competition and the best avocado species competition. The best species will be cultivated nationwide, and seek for the market penetration.

Chairman, Leading Committee of PaO Self-Administered Zone, Khun San Lwin said “The experts will select the species and we will make these selected species to be able to cultivate in the whole country. We will also look for the market demand based on the quality.”

There are over 200 species of avocado in Myanmar, and among them, the avocado produced from the hilly area is the best in taste.

In this festival, not only the avocado produced in Shan State but also from Chin State and other regions and states are on display which has a total of 279 avocado species.

 Chairman, Leading Committee of PaO Self-Administered Zone, Khun San Lwin said “At present, there are over 4000 acres of avocado plantation in Hopone area alone. Through this festival, we can able to select the best quality species among others.”

In implementing the economic development based on agriculture sector, fruits and vegetables sector will be include in the National Export Strategy. 8 kinds of crops have been chosen for it, and avocado produced from the southern Shan State is among them.