Cash Donation: Union Minister Offered Cash Donation For The Meals Of Sangha

4 September 2018

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture has contributed cash for the meals of the Members of the Sangha at the Maha Vihara  Monastery and Dhammaduta Sakeindaryama  Monastery in Hmawby, Yangon Region, on Monday.

The donation ceremony began with receiving the Five Precepts from Presiding Sayadaw of Maha Vihara Monastery, Bhaddanta Vijja Nanda  by the congregation led by Union Minister for Religious Affairs Thura U Aung Ko and wife, and departmental officials.

The Union Minister presented K3 million and religious books to the Members of the Sangha through the board of trustees of the monastery.

A similar donation ceremony was also held at the Dhammaduta Sakeindaryama  Monastery with a sermon delivered by presiding Sayadaw of the monastery Dr. Bhaddanta Ashin Chekinda.

The congregation listened to the parittas recited by Members of the Sangha, led by Ashin Chekinda. Afterwards, Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko handed over K3 million and religious books to the monastery’s board of trustees.

The Union Minister and wife presented offertories to the presiding Sayadaw of the Dhammaduta Sakeindaryama  Monastery. The ceremony came to an end with sharing merits gained for the donation and donating soon (a day’s meal) to the Members of the Sangha.