Child Abandonment: Talks On Prevention

7 January 2018

Caring about Child Affairs, ‘Pyo Khin’ Volunteer Group organized talks on prevention of child abandonment on Saturday in Yangon.

The talks at Pyo Khin child center in Thuwanna Park focused on things about child abandonment cases, giving sexual knowledge to the young people and ways to reduce child abandonment both in rural and urban areas. Speakers from different societies including health, art, and literature talked about those facts.

In charge, Pyo Khin, Pyae Phyo Kyaw said “Nowadays, the number of child abandonment cases is on the increase. It’s not a good sign - it’s so sad to hear such news. So, to give awareness and knowledge on how to prevent child abandonment in the communities, we organized this, inviting experts from different fields.” 

There are many ways not to have a child - poor knowledge on sex can cause unwelcome problems, a speaker said.

Speaker, Khit Hpone Thit said “Lack of sexual education and unwanted pregnancy lead to child abandonment. Both boys and girls need to know sex education. So, today, my topic is how to give sexual knowledge to young people.”

Invited guests, Hluttaw representatives, Thuwanna Township Administration Department and volunteer groups’ officials as well as parents participated in the talk.