China \ Myanmar: China Donates 100 Assembled Board Houses

6 January 2018

A ceremony of handing over Assembled Board Houses was held at Myanmar Industrial Port in Yangon on Saturday.

China donated a total of 100 Assembled Board Houses, ABHs, worth 6 million Yuan for Rakhine State and other disaster affected areas.

Myanmar held a discussion with China as it suffered from multiple natural disasters since 2015 and China promised to assist Myanmar in emergency rehabilitation.

Union Minister for Construction and Electricity and Energy U Win Khaing said "The Assembled Board Houses are very useful as there are not enough construction tools and constructors there. They just need to put the pieces from the box together to get a home for them. These 100 sets of ABHs are for emergency and many more will come. It is a must for us to work on the development of Rakhine State. The Ministry of construction is doing all it can for transportation in Rakhine State as well. The route from Sittwe to Yathetaung then to Buthitaung will be finished on March 2018."

The Chinese ambassador and the Union Minister signed handing-over and acceptance. The Chinese ambassador stressed China supports Myanmar.

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Myanmar Mr. Hong Liang said "China is always there for Myanmar. We assume that the issues occurring in Rakhine State is the internal affair of the state. So, we are always supporting the State’s government. It’s best for Myanmar and Bangladesh to cooperate to solve the issues."

Many issues are occurring around the world because of the external interference.

It’s the 2nd donation and the 1st one was back in February 2016 with 232 sets of ABHs.