China's opening-up measures going in right direction

20 April 2018

China is going in the right direction to removing barriers and facilitating investment as it transfers to high-quality development, said the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund yesterday. She made the remarks at a press conference held during the ongoing Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington D.C.

Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde said "I was actually in Boao in the province of Hainan when President Xi announced some of the measures that would be taken to open up, remove caps, reduce tariffs. Certainly, those are helpful measures. We will be very attentive to the actual implementation and delivery of such measures, because this is what actually matters, what effectively happens, what impact does it have on the economy. But it is certainly going in the right direction of removing barriers and facilitating investment."

During the meeting, she also said that global economic growth is enjoying the "sunshine", but warned countries need to be vigilant to the current risks.