Climbing Yoga: Latest Body-Bending Trend For Fitness

11 October 2017

With changing lifestyle, a new style of Yoga classes becomes a latest trend among the fitness buffs in Myanmar.

Many of them are taking the latest body-bending trend to whole new heights -- pulling off yoga poses on a climbing wall. It is something different from normal yoga, and it needs much more strength to do this kind of yoga and their mind has to be entirely stable, the instructor said.

Climbing Yoga Instructor, Khin Myat Thu Zar said “The feeling we have on the wall is not the same as on the ground. If we do something wrong, it can hurt and can be dangerous. More strength is needed to do this yoga and the mind has to be deeply stable as we do it on the wall with the ropes. We need to enjoy being adventurous and we need to be courageous.”

Most of the yoga students joined the class as they wanted to use climbing to boost fitness and improve yoga skills on the ground.

Climbing Yoga Student, Myint Myat Sandy said “My hands are not strong enough to do formal yoga. But the way we do climbing yoga, we build strength with our hands. I am not strong enough to do regular yoga poses.”

Climbing Yoga Student, Sandar Win said “I am used to body-building so it is good for me to do this as it increases fitness and strength. And when I try it, it is good. Using the force from the arms and making the belly strong are related to what you do at the gym.”

Both men and women joined this latest yoga trend which cost about 12 USD for an hour long session.