Coal Mine Explosion: Three Dead And Five Still Trapped In The Mine Reported

7 September 2018

Three miners were killed and five were missing after an explosion at a small coal mine in Saw Township, Gangaw District, Magway Region in the morning on Thursday.

The incident happened at Tun Yarzar coal mine, run by a private company, on Thursday morning shortly after 13 miners entered into the mine. Seven miners were rescued after the explosion. Two of them died on the way to hospital and one is receiving treatment there. One body of 17-year old miner was retrieved from the mine around 3:45 pm.

The explosion happened when the miners arrived at the depth of 300 feet. Cause of explosion was unclear, while rescue work are underway to rescue the remaining five miners who are still trapped in the mine, according to local Saw Township Information and Public Relations Department.

A previous coal mine collapse happened at a coal mine in Minbu Township, in November last year due to an explosion, killing eight miners.