Copyright Issue: Local Artists Expect “Copyright” Protection

3 January 2018

Local artists expect “Copyright” protection which will come along with the emergence of new Intellectual Property Law which is under discussion in Hluttaw.

Copyright grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. Also, the new law will benefit performers, art producers as well as broadcasting organizations. For now, there are some artists whose works are uploaded online without their permission for business purpose or others – they don’t get any benefit either.

Artist, Aung Min Min said “We don’t have any protection at all. Of course I want people to know my artworks, but uploading them online without my permission is not good – the artworks are downloaded and used behind my back.”

One the other hand, artists can get benefit due to the country’s booming tourism sector in such ways as selling their artworks to traditional businesses like souvenir and many others. It’s also learnt that artists get artists fees for giving permission for their artworks to be used for business purposes.

Managing Director, Myanma Thu Khu Ma, Toe Toe Lwin said “I think such process as using artwork for business purpose by giving artists fees will be in detail when the Intellectual Property Law is enacted. But I can’t say whether the law can change the people’s attitude and mindset.”

Experts and creators from different fields expect the new Intellectual Property Law to be simple, a cost-effective way of registering and to benefit foreign and domestic businesses.