Cultural Heritage Issue: Draft To Be Discussed In Regional Parliament

19 June 2017

Cultural heritage of the city should be preserved by law and regulations while sustainable urban development has been accelerated, Director of Yangon Heritage Trust pointed out at a seminar in Yangon on Monday.

There should be law to protect the tangible culture such as buildings and monuments as the urban development projects are carried out, the director added.

Director, Yangon Heritage Trust, Moe Moe Lwin: We accept that urban areas are supposed to be developed sustainably. On the other hand, we need to preserve the heritage of the city with the law which will help policy makers in considering whether to allow new projects.

Draft of cultural heritage preservation has been drawn and there will be discussions in parliament.

Director, Yangon Heritage Trust, Moe Moe Lwin: We have been working for the law since 2013. In the previous government’s term, we called for enactment but no move. But now in this new government’s term, the draft will be discussed in regional parliament.

In the seminar, international and local experts discussed positive urban development in Yangon as well as cultural heritage preservation.