Cyber Security: Competition For Human Resource Development

26 January 2018

Myanmar Computer Federation organized Myanmar Cyber Security Challenge 2018 for young people aiming to the development of human resources.

This is third time holding of the competition focusing on information security, cyber security as well as protections against cyber attacks.

Experts and technicians for cyber security in Myanmar are very few in numbers, the federation said there are only less than 10 privates “cyber security” companies within the IT industry in Myanmar.

The competition also hopes to turn out talented young enthusiasts on cyber security to compete in ASEAN level.

JOINT SECRETARY, MYANMAR COMPUTER FEDERATION, AYE AYE THIN said “We need to do more for the HR development in cyber security sector. Through this completion, we also aim to turn out talented technicians who can keep abreast in the ASEAN region.”

Youths under 30 years of age were eligible to participate in the competition. At which, about 60 contestants for 20 groups had to answer the questions provided by the judges.

Triplet P team won the first prize, with 1308 points as the highest marks than others.

1ST PRIZE WINNER, TRIPLET P TEAM, PHYO WIN SHEIN said “The competition was very interesting and I got a lot of experiences. Some challenges are the one I can handle, but some are not. International competitions are supposed to be hard; but I see local competitions like this can really help for me to improve skills as well.”

Awards ranged from first, second and third with rewards of 1million kyat, 700,000 kyat and 500,000 kyat respective.

It’s also learnt that first prize winning team will also be sent to compete in ASEAN Cyber SEA Games on 2019.