Dallas officer faces manslaughter charge in apartment shooting

9 September 2018

A Dallas police officer will be charged with manslaughter after mistakenly entering an apartment. The officer had completed a shift late on Thursday  and was still in uniform when she returned to what she believed was her home and encountered 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean.

DALLAS POLICE CHIEF, U. RENEE HALL said"It's not clear what interaction was between them.. her and the victim. But at some point she fired her weapon... striking the victim."

The victim was the son of a former permanent secretary for two governmental ministries of St. Lucia . The chief said the Texas Rangers would take over the investigation because of the "unique" nature of the incident and the officer would be publicly identified after she was officially charged.

DALLAS POLICE CHIEF, U. RENEE HALL said "Based on what we know right now that warrant is for manslaughter."

blood was drawn from the officer to test for alcohol or drugs in her system.