Dhamma Preaching: Yangon Region Gov't Held Dhamma Preaching Ceremony

2 January 2018

New year Dhamma Preaching Ceremony has been convened at the People’s park as a religious activity of welcoming the new year.

It is organized by the Yangon Region Government, together with well-wishers and donors for 3 days.

The prominent Dhamma Preachers including Ractor of International Theravada Buddhist University, Dr. Nandamalarbiwuntha, Chancellor of Thitagu Buddhist University, Dr. Nyanitthara  and Ashin Sandardhika  delivered the Dhamma Sermons. As for the first day, Dhamma Sermon titled "building a new nation with the principles of Mingalar Sutta was delivered by the Ractor Sayadaw.

CHAIRMAN, ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, SHEIN WIN said “People’s park is a place for doing public beneficial activities. So, by doing such a ceremony, I’m sure the Dhamma teachings talked by the Sayadaws will be spiritual guidance for the people in their daily life with the better works.”

The ceremony is welcomed everyone with the arrangements of providing feast, transportation as well as emergency aids service under the management of 12 Sub committees.

Dhamma audiences feel convenient due to their arrangement. Free shuttle buses are also arranged for transportation to the relevant townships. Moreover 13 groups of donors including Shwe Than Lwin Group, Visakha Foundation provide feasts.

DHAMMA AUDIENCE, BAHAN TOWNSHIP, THIDAR SOE said “I feel like I can understand what Sayardaw taught as I could listen to it directly from the Sayardaw. That’s why I came here, not by listening on Tv. I'm thankful everyone who helps for our convenience as well.”

FEAST DONOR, PAHTAMA GROUP, THAN LWIN said “We donate snacks to audiences as they might be hungry in the evening. The event is well crowded; I’m sure we got a lot of merits by doing so.

Volunteers come along the ceremony; helping Dhamma audiences as well as for preparation process of the ceremony.”

VOLUNTEER, NORTH DAGON TOWNSHIP, ENT KYAW said “I provide plastic bag to people here to carry their shoes. I also involved in the process of preparation even in little things. I’m glad of making merit as a volunteer here.”

This is second time holding such ceremony by the Yangon Region Government since 2017. While the last year, it was held for 5 days.