Digital Transformation Summit: ICT Development In Myanmar

8 November 2017

Digital Transformation Summit jointly organized by UMFCCI and the US ICT council for Myanmar was held in Yangon, Wednesday.

The summit aims to provide the initial steps for the development of business process, tackle the problems timely, cost effective ways to improve business processes and grow faster.

The eight collection US ICT companies come to Myanmar and focus on promoting policy reform and modernization in ICT sector as well as  developing capacity skills both government and small medium sizes businesses. 

Organizer, Digital Transformation Summit, Christopher Nolan said “Digital transformation obviously offer incredible prominent for government and we seen that around the world and we actually really start white paper the outline a roadmap for ICT transformation. Not just for the public sector for government but across the entire of the Myanmar. We seen the growth of mobile combatively office great prominent and we stand ready to work with the private and public sector to really honest that power technology…”

The members of the leading U.S. technology companies share relevant technologies and steps for helping businesses digitalized. 

Principal Solution Consultant, Oracle Digital Prime (ASEAN), Tan Swee Aun said “Of course, the government has to player important part to this part and when they do this basically the information now is the most important things we have to address to audience or even to the user themselves. This information is needed to be secured. So, security player is very important part in whole things. But, as I mentioned the most important things are people do not need to be feared about moving into digital from the manual data.”    

The Myanmar companies engaging in the hotel and tourism, retail, manufacturing, banking and finance, agriculture, transportation and ICT joined for the transforming the ways of doing business digitalization.

Attendee, Sithu Min said “We are running an IT company so I joined this event. Digital transformation is very important as most of the companies are still processing works manually. So, we need to change digital for the working efficiently. By organizing such kind of event, we have a lot of knowledge. These technologies are being used in the regional countries and Myanmar. Today, it is digital age so we need to catch up it.” 

The Digital transformation event was held in Nay Pyi Taw focusing on policy issues as well as business community in Yangon and planned to hold similar event for the business community in Mandalay.