Dubai Police demo 'hoverbike'

13 October 2017

A flying motorcycle can soar above traffic and be used in rescue scenarios in Dubai police force within 2 years.

BRIGADIER, KHALED AL RAZOOQI  said "The weight it can carry is around 100kg. It can run for 30 to 40 minutes depending on the way of using the hoverdrone and we're going to be using it mainly for the rescue and also for any incident occurring in Dubai. For the height purpose, we have done a limit so it shouldn't reach more than 6 metres for safety precautions."        "The hoverbike is part of the initiative that we're working with the company that's producing it. The aim of using the hoverbike is for the rescue purpose and also to monitor the traffic and the incidents whatever it is occurred in Dubai. It's going to be available soon within the Dubai Police Force."