E-Commerce Training: Zime Myanmar Education Center Organized Training

20 August 2018

The opening ceremony of ZIME Myanmar education center and training on E-commerce was organized by ZIME institute of Mechanical and electrical engineering at UMFCCI in Yangon, Monday.

ZIME is a State Model Higher Vocational College and regarded as a leader in training for advanced manufacturing industry skills in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering. The teachers from ZIME and trainers from Alibaba will instruct the trainees on what is the real e-commerce, how to apply e-commerce platforms, how to connect with international market. 

Managing Director, MOZI education, Hein Khaing said “E-commerce business has become popular in Myanmar and online shopping has very much developed. But, still less with their own website. E-commerce has many strong points for customers and it can reduce time and cost. The most of Myanmar people using facebook as an e-commerce platform, I would say it is the wrong ways because there are lots of e-commerce platforms like alibaba. In Myanmar, E-commerce will develop more as internet and mobile users are increasing.”

The China-Myanmar e-commerce training will run for 5 days from 20th to 24th of August at UMFCCI.

So far, more than 20 e-commerce businesses are running on their own website and other 200 providing online shopping with the use of social network in Myanmar.