Efforts For Farmers: Mobile Application For Farmers

20 March 2018

Htwet Toe Application for farmers was officially launched on Tuesday in Yangon.

This application is to form a connection between the farmers and agricultural professionals on a single platform. It’s an innovative Agri-mobile application to help the farmers solve agricultural challenges and problems with suggestions from the professionals through just a few keystrokes on their smart phone.

Chief Digital Officer, Myanmar Awba Group, Adrian Soe Myint said “… The main features of the App will farmers can post their problems to via photos or texts and we have a team of highly trained agronomics to address all these questions on behalf of farmers. We have prosperity scanner that allow farmers to scan the agricultural products to learn more about the products information- what is inside the products, when is the manufacturing date and when is the expiring date ...”

Despite having the favourable growing conditions, Myanmar farmers can’t earn sufficient income due to such challenges as lack of techniques and information – the productivity is the lowest in the region, a Myanmar Awba Group official pointed out.

Senior Advisor, G4AW, Ruud Grim said “… We hope that this project will develop services using by 100 thousand of farmers in Myanmar within a few years now open the day the project event. There are lots of potential to increase agricultural growth here in Myanmar and we hope we have a small contribution to that challenges.”

The beta version of the application has been available since 2017 December. Currently, there are over 40,000 to 50,000 farmers using the application and raising 70 to 100 questions a day.