European Film Festival: 11 Films Of 11 European Countries Will Be Screened

14 September 2017

The press conference on the European Film Festival was organized by the EU delegation to Myanmar and Goethe Institute in Yangon on Thursday.

The European Film Festival will present the recent outstanding movies of high artistic quality from 11 European countries. 

So, 11 European movies will be screened at Nay Pyi Taw Cinema in Yangon from 22nd of September until 1st of October. 

Everyone can enjoy the films with free seat tickets and each film will be showcased for 2 times at the cinema during the festival.

Director, Goethe Institut Myanmar, Franz Xaver Augustin said “These 11 films we are going to show are like small windows to the reality of lives in these countries. the reason why we do this European film festival is that all these films from Europe will  never appeared on the Myanmar screen and they are not having a big badge behind, they are not having a big industry, propaganda industry like Hollywood behind, they are small films, they are same like the artistic value of the film . Half an hour before the film, the film tickets would be given for free, first come and first serve.”

At the several days event, the special program will also be included for the children at the Dagon (1) High School. Another two cartoon movies will be screened at the school on 1st October.

The festival also plays as the cultural exchange program to Myanmar audience.

Representative, EU-delegation to Myanmar, Matteo D’ Alonzo said “The European film festival is a great opportunity for cultural diplomacy and to strengthen the cultural relations between Europe, European union and European countries and Myanmar. I'm sure the Myanmar audience will enjoy all the movies that will be screened and Myanmar is a country that opens very faster to the world and Myanmar people are very curious to know more about Europe because Europe is very far from Myanmar but we have many films in common in terms of cultural traditions.”

The European Film Festival has developed into the biggest international film festival in Myanmar in its 26 years of existence.


11 European movies at Nay Pyi Taw Cinema

-A Street Cat Named Bob (United Kingdom)

-Afterimage (Poland)

-Café Derby (Belgium)

-Human Capital (Italy)

-Public Works (Netherlands)

-The Other Side of Hope (Finland)

-Truman (Spain)

-Tschick (Germany)

-Underdog (Sweden)

-Valley of Love (France)

-Emil and the Detectives (Germany)