Exercise Is Medicine: Zumba Exercise Program For Women’s Health

11 March 2018

Womenfolk in Yangon enjoyed a Zumba Exercise program in the early morning of Sunday. 

The program named “Exercise is Medicine” was organized by Myanmar women’s Sports Federation and Myanmar Women Sport Subcommittee. Although it aims to support women’s health and fitness by doing the exercise, every enthusiast is welcomed to join the program.

Secretary(1), Myanmar Women’s Sports Federation, Aye Aye Shwe said “Doing exercise is one of the ways to support health. That’s why we organized this program and it especially focuses on women who are mostly stayed at home. But men can also join this program. I would like to invite all the people to participate in this program regardless of gender and age.” 

Zumba is an exercise fitness program and it involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. Over 1200 people participated in the program held at Kyaikkasan Grounds.

Participant, Lae Lae Aye said “Thanks for promoting our health by doing exercise and I’m happy to participate in this program. I would like to invite all the people who are in Yangon.”

Participant, Thin Phyu Phyu Myint said “I found the information about this program in Social Media. We also need to relax our stress because we are always busy with our job. So I came and joined in this program.   I’m happy and thanks for organizing this program for women.”

This kind of programs will be held at People’s Park and Thakhin Mya Park on coming Sundays.