Flood Relief: Union Minister And Well Wishers Donated Cash And Relief Items

4 September 2018

The Coordinating Body for Swiftly Rehabilitating Flood Stricken Regions, led by its Chairman Dr. Win Myat Aye, and officials donated galvanized sheet metal for roofing and monetary aid in Yedashe Township on Monday.

The breach from Swar Creek dam has flooded 85 villages from 18 village-tracts, destroying 185 houses and damaging 322 more. Donations of 82.26 million kyats and 4,625 panels of galvanized sheet metal worth Ks17.57. million kyats have been offered to the aforementioned houses and ten monasteries in the area, as well as Ks1.5 million kyats for five people who died, Ks7.42 million kyats worth of rescue equipment, and Ks 68.84 million kyats for purchasing rice rations.

Next, the Bago Region Chief Minister donated half million kyats and the Wai Lu Kyaw Foundation donated half million kyats as well.