Folk Music Performance: Concert For Cultural Promotion

8 October 2017

Taiwan folk music was brought into Yangon through a concert “Music from Taiwan” on Saturday.

A prestigious Taiwanese wind orchestra, the Shock Concert Band introduced their music to enrich the music performing scene of wind instruments, through an invitation of Philharmonic Society of Myanmar.

Since the western wind instruments are getting prevalent in Myanmar, the artists hope the concert will be a refreshing spark for the scene.

CONDUCTOR, JEFFREY LIANG said “We are very glad that we were invited by the Myanmar Philharmonic Society. I see lots of students here. And I’m hoping to reach more to local Myanmar people and introduce them our Taiwan culture and also music.”

The concert featured especially folk music, popular songs as well as a piano four-hand concertino by a pianist Huang Ying Hua together with a local pianist.

PIANIST, TUN AUNG KHANT said “Playing with wind orchestra is a rare experience for me in Myanmar. I even haven’t seen some of instruments here. An important thing is a collaborative effort and teamwork spirit. Getting experience is the advantage for me in this performance.”

The Shock Concert Band was founded in 1986 and has started tour programs in 2005, aiming to promote Taiwanese music.