Framework Review: UPDJC Held Meeting In Nay Pyi Taw

17 November 2017

Reviewing the framework for political dialogue is in progress by the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee. It has been held by the UPDJC Secretary’s group in Capital Nay Pyi Taw on Friday.

The meeting focused on reviewing the Framework for political dialogue, Terms of Reference (ToR) and Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) to suit the coming 3rd session of 21st Century PangLong Conference.

Topics for the framework include the structure, decision making concept, composition as well as national dialogue.

The reviewing is about to be happened according to the result of the UPDJC meeting which was held on 30th to 31st October.

SECRETARY, UNION PEACE DIALOGUE JOINT COMMITTEE, HLA MAUNG SHWE said “We are responsible to make the framework better and smoother for the upcoming sessions of Union Peace Conference 21st Century Pang Long as well as national level political dialogue. Reviewing is also based on the experiences from the previous conferences.”

VICE PRESIDENT, CHIN NATIONAL FRONT, SALAI LIAN HMUNG SAKHONG said “The framework was drawn during the previous government term. We have some challenges that some facts are not in line with the current political landscape. That's why we are going to amend some at the new government term.”

8 representatives from the government side, as well as EAOs and political parties respectively joined the meeting.

It’s also learnt that the Framework have some unclear facts in terms of decision making, saying that there are some arguments in discussion.

CHAIRMAN, PA-O NATIONAL LIBERATION ORGANIZATION, KUN MYINT HTUN said “As for UPDJC working within a short time of period, we have both strong and weak points. Now we are trying to fix them up by discussing openly.”

The framework was amended 10 times by the UPDJC. It’s going to be the 11th edition after the reviewing on 19th November.