Fresh Water Fishes: MFF Aims To Breed Fish Water Fish Species

23 August 2017

Aiming to be sufficient for local consumption, Myanmar Fisheries Federation laid out a plan to breed the species of fresh water fish with the technical assistance from Can Tho University of Vietnam, Vice Chairman of the federation said.

Climbing perch, cat fish, eel and snake head are kinds of fresh water fish and currently Myanmar is facing the shortage of these resources.

At present, the price for a viss of those fresh water fish reaches over 10,000 kyats.

So MFF is trying to breed the species and let the fish farmers to breed, aiming to tackle the shortage of supply, Vice Chairman added.

Vice Chairman, Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Toe Nandar Tin said “According to my study in Vietnam, the technique is so easy for the fish farmers to breed it. It will take just three to 6 months to get the suitable size. We are now negotiating with the experts from Can Tho University to share the technique to the fish breeders from across the country. And we will breed the species here with their assistance.”

100 pair of species is targeted to be bred respectively and eel is aimed to export and the other three kinds of fish are for local consumption, Vice Chairman said.

Vice Chairman, Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Toe Nandar Tin said “We plan to initiate the process in next month. We will arrange to be able to distribute the fish feed as soon as we breed it. We plan to breed it in Pathein.”

Meanwhile, Myanmar Fisheries Federation is planning to implement the hatchery of its own in next year.