Golds From Chinlone: Myanmar Earns 2 Golds At 29th SEA Games

22 August 2017

Chinlone secured two golds to Myanmar team at 29th SEA Games being held in Malaysia. The winning team was unanimously welcomed at the Yangon International Airport.

Chinlone sport involves six players taking turns juggling the sepak takraw ball in a circle and showcasing a variety of skills and abilities using their footwork.

Introducing chinlone to ASEAN nations was a big challenge, the chair of Myanmar Chinlone Federation said.

President, Myanmar Chinlone Federation, Soe Naing said “To include Chinlone sport in SEA games, five countries including the host country need to participate in the event. Myanmar Chinlone Federation tried hard to make Chinlone become one of SEA Games events in ASEAN region.”

Myanmar won two gold in two events competed, nailing cent per cent victory.

Vice President, Myanmar Chinlone Federation, Kyaw Min Tun said “In 29th SEA Games, among events 1,2,3,4, Myanmar team competed in event 1 and 4 and won gold in both events.”

Player, Khant Win Ein said “I could bring gold home for the first time. I am so happy that I get dizzy.”

Although Chinlone is a traditional sport of Myanmar, other nations such as Laos and Thailand are catching up very quickly.

President, Myanmar Chinlone Federation, Soe Naing said “People say Chinlone is Myanmar’s traditional sport so Myanmar will definitely win. This is not the case now because Laos scored 140 marks while Myanmar got 141… only one mark difference. Also, with Thailand, it was only 14 marks difference. It proved to be getting tough.”

Myanmar introduced chinlone at the 27th SEA Games in Nay Pyi Taw in 2013.