Health Care Services: Outbreak Of Illness Under Control In Nanyun

11 September 2018

Five people were killed by an outbreak of illness in Nanyun of Naga Self-administered Zone, according to the press release issued by Naga Self-administered Zone Leading Committee.

The outbreak started in WanYote Village in August and spread to LanPan Village. Symptoms of the disease were fever, reddish eye, and rashes on the skin, coughing, respiratory problems and diarrhea. 

Upon learning of it, doctors from Donhe Station Hospital went to the affected areas, and provided health care services to the villagers starting August 22nd. On August 28th, a team consisting of specialists from Tatmadaw hospital arrived at the affected areas, and provided treatment together with doctors from Donhe station hospital.

At present, the outbreak of illness is under control and the medial teams are still there to provide health care services to the locals.