Honda Award: Technology And Science Award Given By Honda Foundation

19 January 2018

The awarding ceremony for Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Award 2017 was held in Yangon on Friday.

This is the 4th time award ceremony in Myanmar, which aims to support the youths in the field of Eco-technology and science in Asia’s developing countries including Vietnam, India, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

In this year, two outstanding students from Yangon Technological University and Mandalay Technological University were awarded.

Director, Honda Foundation, Akira Kojima said “..founder of Honda foundation wanted to have the ideas of better contribution of the technology not for the economic development but also the ----of people, ----rights with society. economy to the prosperity must be supported by the increasing ...that's purpose and for that he put importance of technology...the Honda --- the conceptual eco technology is a combination of quality improvement and technological development...”

Since 2014, MAJA Center and Honda Foundation signed the MoU for Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Program.

President, MAJA, Prof. Si Si Shein said “We have already awarded 8 students from Technological University through this program as we really want to provide for better research works through the prize from this award. We also want all the students from Technological University to participate in this program.”

One of the award winners shares her experiences on winning this award.

Awardee, Yangon Technological University, Pwint Phyu Thant said “I have tried to participate in many activities concerning with environmental issues. Then, I wrote an essay about the eco technology to receive this award. So, I am very pleased and I will apply the fund of this prize for my graduation mini thesis.”

Members from Honda foundation, MAJA centre, Embassy of Japan and students attended the ceremony.