Honoring Ceremony: Journalists Commemorates Saya Maung Wuntha Memorable Occasion

13 August 2017

A group of Myanmar journalists honored the late veteran journalist Maung Wuntha as a commemoration of his death in 2013.

Saya Maung Wuntha is well-known for his leading role in fighting for press freedom in Myanmar. He also elected as the chairman of Myanmar Journalists Association in 2012 as well as the vice chairman of the Interim Press Council at that time.

 One of his milestones includes the establishment of the Centre for Myanmar Media Development, at which the commemorative was initiated by the former students who are also serving as journalist nowadays.

He was writing article for Pyithu Khit Journal regularly until his death in August 11th, 2013, one of his pupils, a journalist Soe Ya said.

JOURNALIST, SOE YA said “He was really enthusiastic for the development of Myanmar media industry. Even a day before he died when he couldn't recognize fruits like apple or orange, he wrote an article for Pyithu Khit Journal by mouth. It means the journalist spirit deeply penetrated in his mind, which makes us inspiration and motivation. This is we journalists have to emulate for.”

CHAIRMAN, CENTRE FOR MYANMAR MEDIA DEVELOPMENT, DR. TIN HLAING said “Saya Maung Wuntha drew me into the press industry. Now I become an author with a pen name of Phoe Hlaing. I'm serving as the chairman of the centre for Myanmar Media Development as well as a member of Myanmar Press Council. These are the things that he gave us as legacy.”

Concerning the detaining of journalists nowadays; the Daughter of Maung Wuntha said he would stand for the journalists if he were alive.

DAUGHTER, LUT LATT SOE said “I think he would be at the front line for those cases. He stood for journalist side when similar cases happened in the past. He believed the Media Law is essential for shelling journalists. That's why he involved as one of the initiators of emerging the media law.”

Saya Maung Wuntha published more than 60 books specializing in political biographic and translation on international affairs. He died at the age of 68 after battling lung cancer for more than a year.