Humanitarian Assistance: Volunteer Service In Maungtaw Area

6 December 2017

The 2nd Batch Youth Volunteers of the UEHRD Programme are giving volunteer services at the villages in Maungtaw area.

They arrived in Sittway on 29 November. After conducting surveys in the villages of Buthidaung and Maungtaw townships, they went to Ngakhura Village in Maungtaw, to provide foodstuff.

Leader, UEHRD Youth Volunteer (No. 3 Team), Mahn Aung Naing Kyi  said “Being human beings, we applied for taking part in the programme of UEHRD based on our willingness to help with humanitarian aid. We were given training in the camp. We were taught about safety and security, how to do surveys, how to collect data and how to distribute commodities. And first aid was also taught to us.”

Ngakhuya Village is the place where Rakhine, Hindus and Islamists co-existed peacefully.

Rakhine National, San San Aye said “In the village, Rakhine, Hindus and Bengalis co-existed in peace. We shared with each other. They asked for what they wanted and they in return helped us. Now we live in peace with them, those who remained in the village, without abandoning the village.”

Islamist, Ngakhura Village, Isuk said “All living here were not involved in terrorist attacks. Those who got involved have escaped. Here, there are Rakhine nationals, Hindus and Muslims like us. We live here in peace. Thanks a lot for helping like this. It is necessary to help us to run businesses for the long-term.”

Villagers hope to live in normalcy as soon as possible saying to engage for their livelihood as in the past.

Hindu, Maw Nul Rau Soon said “For the time being, we have no jobs. It is not convenient for us to find meat for our daily consumption in nearby areas only. In the past it is not difficult for us to find meat and fish. Before now, we earned our living on fishing and hair-cutting. Some went to Malaysia for employment. What we ask is for the authorities to let us do fishing freely. Some people were not enlisted in the family list. If possible, we want the matter to be implemented as soon as possible.”

The Government is implementing the UEHRD program for resettling the villages which were destroyed by the terrorists. Under this program, humanitarian assistance were provided to the needy places with the cooperation of youths from across the nation.

Director, Department of Relief and Resettlement, Dr. Min Thein said “In providing assistance, we chose villages — remote areas and areas within reach of a one-day round-trip journey. Now the villages in Maungtaw, including Ngakhura, are to be done in the second batch. Here, local Rakhine people, Hindus and Islamists are living together. They share the same market and school. That being so, we symbolically chose the village as a priority.”

The UEHRD programme also share message that not only local nationals but also the whole populace across the nation are giving support without any discrimination.