IDFC Program: Creation Of Connecting Outstanding Youth Leaders

15 February 2017

International Development Field Camp (IDFC) 2017 of Myanmar and Japanese youths kicked off at Diamond Jubilee Hall of Yangon University, Tuesday.
IDFC program is designed to make a social impact and connect outstanding youth leaders in Myanmar and Japan.
IDFC started in 2014. Youth leaders meet annually for cultural exchange, self-development and discussions on latest world’s affairs.
The theme of IDFC 2017 is “Beyond the change”, aiming to create better vision in the future for youths.
President, International Development Field Camp, Mikihiko Tachi: “In 2014, the first IDFC was held in Yangon University. This was because the first president, Yuhashi Moto talked to local youths and he realized that there are less opportunities for Myanmar youths to interact with foreign people. Yuhashi Moto decided to be one of first leaders to make this opportunity happen.”
Youths aged from 18 to 25 can join the camp and 34 participants are joining this year’s camp.
The discussion falls into three categories; education and career, community development and international relations.
Participant, Japan, Ingrid Komaki Saito: “I think it’s very important to give youth a voice in this day and age because we need to be more involved in whatever that surrounds us. We need to realize that youth can make an impact in the world and I think IDFC has that potential.”
Participant, Myanmar, Hayman Linn Lae Zaw: “We’ll have a chance to visit some NGOs and micro-finance companies and we’ll have a chance to learn what they are doing and how they contribute their society.”
The camp is set to run for a week from 14th to 18th of February and the symposium on February 20 will be open to all local youths including participants.