Illegal Timber Extraction: About 1000 Tons Of Illegal Timber Seizure Declined In Bago Region

10 January 2018

The seizure of illegal timber has declined in Bago Region. According to the statistics of Bago Region Forest Department, over 5000 tons of illegal timber logs were seized in 2017, about 1000 tons declined from the seizures in the previous years.

The illegal timber production has been seized more effectively after suspending the timber production in Bago mountain range for 10 years.

But officials pointed out that it is important to have rule of law in order to decline more illegal timber production.

Director, Bago Region Forest Department, Zaw Win Myint said “Rule of Law is very important. There is no law for those who illegally extract timber. We have seized the vehicles loaded with illegal timber logs. We cannot seize those vehicles. Although we can seize the vehicles without license, there are still the licensed vehicles that we cannot able to seize. If we can take action on those vehicles used for transporting the illegal timber, it will help to reduce illegal timber production.”

There have been challenges as the Forest Department alone cannot be carried out for taking action on illegal vehicles, motorcycles and chainsaw.

He also called for cooperation of the public and related departments.

Director, Bago Region Forest Department, Zaw Win Myint said “They are using the vehicles, motorcycles and chainsaw without license for transportation and extraction of timber. If we can stop the use of illegal vehicles, motorcycles and chainsaw, we can definitely achieve in reducing the illegal timber extraction. These are the challenges we are facing. Our forest department cannot do it alone.”

During 2017, over 5400 tons of illegal timber along with over 400 vehicles used for loading timber logs and about 800 culprits, according to the statistics of Bago Region Forest Department.