Interfaith Praying: Tens Of Thousands Pray For Peace

11 October 2017

Interreligious gathering of prayers for peace was held at Aung San Stadium in Yangon on Tuesday evening.

Aiming to show unity and peace among the different religions, the interfaith praying ceremony was organized by National League for Democracy and Yangon Region Government.

Religious leaders and followers of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity attended the praying event for peace.

General Secretary, Myanmar Council of Churches, Rev. Mahn Palmerston said “This is important. Interreligious gathering of prayers for peace events are really effective as there’s implementation for peace. 4 major religions and other religions gathered here and prayed for peace. Also, awareness raising talks on peace was delivered by respective religious leaders.”

Representative, Hinduism, Kyaw Phone said “In our country, Myanmar, people of different religions and ethnics live in harmony and peacefully. My prayer through this event is may people of every religion stay together with love, peace and unity.”

Attendees also pointed out that this event could prove the peaceful co-existence of different religions in the country.

Member, Yangon Region Sangha Nayaka Committee, Ven. Si Rinda said “It is clear that conflict in Rakhine State is not about religion but it’s only about terrorism. There’s no insult to religions here in Myanmar. I think this kind of event is good to show the world the unity among the different religions in Myanmar.”

Only 4 major religions in the country use to hold this kind of event before. This is the first time of participation of Mahayana Buddhism in interfaith prayer ceremony.

Member, Central Organizing Committee, Ko Ko Aung said “This event helps to clear up misunderstanding if existed, I’m sure. The message I’d like to give is conflict and problem occurring are due to a few number of people … most of us don’t want such conflicts or problems.”

More than 30,000 people of different religions attended this praying ceremony.