Int'l Youth Day: Role Of Myanmar Youths Needs To Be Expanded

11 August 2017

Myanmar youths call for wider participation role in peacemaking process. The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy promotes the role of youths through an event by marking the International Youth Day for 2017.

 Youths from political parties were invited the celebration event aiming to share views of the current implementing peace process.

Peace negotiators like Sai Kyaw Nyunt, a member of UPDJC said, youths have been working for peace process in the role of CSOs, however added that their involvement in the role of political parties should be promoted.

SECRETARY (GROUP OF POLITICAL PARTIES), UNION PEACE DIALOGUE JOINT COMMITTEE, SAI KYAW NYUNT said “The role of youth is still weak in the involvement of political parties. I’m not clear whether youths are lacking accountability or they are restricted from decision making role. But I think they should be given duties so that they will understand what the accountability is.”

It’s important to find out peace process related tasks for youths through political parties and to promote them, the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy said.

However, passion and professionalism are the main qualifications for youths, they added.

YOUTH PROJECT COORDINATOR, DANISH INSTITUTE FOR PARTIES AND DEMOCRACY, SALAI DAVID VAN BAWI MANG said “ Youths are important to try knowing more about the peace process passionately and to make their role wider. It’s also important to carry out the tasks they are delivered. When they are able to show their talents, nothing is impossible to open the opportunities for them.”

The International Youth Day is dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace by the United Nations for this year.