Issuance Of NVC: Nearly 800 People Were Issued NVC In Shwezar Village

17 November 2017

Staff from the Rakhine State Immigration and Population Department under the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population issued National Verification Cards to the residents in Shwezar Village in Maungtaw Township, on Thursday.

The issuing process of NV Cards took place at the post-primary school in Shwezar Village. The issuance of a national ID is a priority of the Union government, and one of the main recommendations of a commission led by former UN chief Kofi Annan for the resettlement of Rakhine State following terrorist attacks in 2016. Mosquito nets and food were provided to local residents who were issued NV cards.

This effort was started in Maungtaw Township, Shwezar village tract on 12 October to date. After scrutinizing with a Biometric system, 787 people, including 463 men and 324 women, were issued National Verification Cards. The information of 46 people, including 25 men and 21 women, were recorded in preparation for issuance of an NV Card.