Kachin State Day: President Sent A Message On The 70th Anniversary

10 January 2018

President U Htin Kyaw sent a message on the 70th Anniversary Kachin State Day which falls on Wednesday, the 10th January.

It stated that on 10th January 1948, after gaining Independence, the first meeting of the Kachin State Council was held and to honour the establishment of the Kachin State Government, 10th January was designated as Kachin State Day.

From that day onwards, the celebrations have been held annually.

The Kachin State comprises 4 districts, 18 townships, and 30 towns and it is also a State which is inhabited by different racial groups such as Kachin, Shan, Bamar and other ethnic people totaling a population of more than 1,600,000 who are living together in friendship and cordiality.

Kachin State is equipped with the beautiful scenery and abundance of natural resources. But it was unable to enjoy the natural beauty or use the natural resources effectively for development purpose due to armed conflicts. Only when there is peace, stability and rule of law in the region, can the development works be implemented.

The nation is now conducting peace processes and holding the 21st Century Panglong Conference. Efforts will be made together with the Kachin people for the stability and development of the Kachin State. Peace will be established so that it can be enjoyed by the offspring. In constructing the Republic of the Union of Myanmar into a democratic country, it is important for all ethnic national races to participate on an equal basis.

The Union Government is spending a lot of expenditures on road transport, education, health and human resources development, getting electricity, social economic development of the people and health care for Kachin State development. Based on the existing unity and basic good principles achieved, the President urged all ethnic national brothers and sisters in Kachin State to work collectively in unity and harmony toward a new democratic country.