Lanchang-Mekong: Foreign Ministers Meeting To Discuss 5-Year Plan Of Action

14 December 2017

The 3rd Lanchang-Mekong cooperation Foreign Ministers meeting will be host on 15 December at Dali of Yunnan Province in China. The meeting will be attended by Foreign Ministers from 6 Lanchang-Mekong Countries including Myanmar.

The meeting will focus on the future of Lanchang-Mekong cooperation with consideration of 5-year plan of Action 2018-2022 which will cover the main pillars.

The meeting will review in six working groups in water resources, connectivity, cross border, economic, efficiency in production, poverty elimination and agriculture. Lanchaung -Mekong cooperation is a concrete action that demonstrates the joint commitment of LMC countries to UN 2030agenda for sustainable development. The 24 media organizations from 6 countries totally over 40 journalists will cover the event. On 14 December, the journalists from 6 countries arrived at Dali, and had a media briefing at DaLi International Hotel.

The journalists also view photos on the activities of cooperative projects by Lanchang-Mekong countries displayed there.