Language Skill: Myanmar Language Contest Held In Yangon University

20 August 2018

A contest for Myanmar language skill was held on Monday at Diamond Jubilee Hall of Yangon University, Yangon.

This is the second edition of this contest holding with the purpose of improving three skills in Myanmar language and to treasure it .The first one was held in 2017.

Chairman, National Education Policy Commission, Dr. Myo Kywal said “What I want to say to the students is to read more so that they can master any subjects, not only Myanmar language but also other subjects. And to read, I want them to spend their time in the library.”

That was the national level contest and the 36 university students across the country took part in the final competition. 

Contestant, Thanlyin Technological University, Win Lwin Oo said “I’m going to compete in the essays reciting contest and the impromptu talk. With the help of our teachers from our University’s Myanmar department, I’ve practiced the way of reciting essays and poems.”

There will be 3 types of competition- the reciting essay, the impromptu talk and the writing contest.  The writing contest will be held on Tuesday along with the awarding ceremony.

Professor, Head of Myanmar Department, Dr. Aung Myint Oo said “There are many purposes for holding this contest, especially for the young people to treasure their own language, to improve the language skill of the students who will one day lead the country and to enhance the pride of Myanmar language.”

The prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd   winner of each type of the skill competition and to the 3 highest marks holder, total of 12 prizes. And the alumnus of Yangon University’s Myanmar department will also support the award winning students.