At least 12 dead in triple suicide bombing in Nigeria

19 September 2017

Suicide bombers killed at least 12 people and injured 26 others on Monday in north east Nigeria's state of Borno.

EYEWITNESS, AUWALU MOLID said "The thing that has happened, as our people went to the farm in the morning, so if they are going to the farm there is one ticket that we are giving them, so if they are coming they will show the ticket to enter town. As things that...as Boko Haram came, they dropped the suicide bomber, they start shooting gun. So our people start entered inside town, as they enter inside town so people start running, running, running so they get the chance to enter inside town. These three suicide bombers. They killed thirteen people and forty six injured."

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks. But the use of suicide bombers is a hallmark of Boko Haram.