Lethwei W.C: 2nd Lethwei World Championship

21 August 2017

The 2nd Lethwei World Championship was held at Thuwunna indoor stadium, Yangon on Sunday.

The 2nd Lethwei World Championship features its main fight of Dave Leduc representing Myanmar and Cyrus Washington of the United States. 

It was ended with draw even though Dave gave many cuts on Cyrus’s face. The two fighters tried to put each other down within the ring but they didn’t get chance till the match ends.

Lethwei Fighter, Lethwei World Championship (80kg), Dave Leduc said “It's draw but it's not a drawing the people heart, he was completely destroyed .He did touch me once. I can go for a photo shoot right now. You want to photo shoot, I can go picture now. So, I mean if he wants fight me again, I'll be ready to fight again. I just cut him, different places, I hurt him more. Cause like I said it was Muay Thai, against Lethwei. Lethwei is the best. ”

Women’s fight debuts in this year’s event, matching Veronica from Myanmar and Monica Brenes Mena from Costa Rica.

This fight also ended with draw. Within the ring, Veronica also gave good punch and attack to her opponent Monica, who is more experienced and older than her until the last round of 4th.

Lethwei Fighter, Lethwei World Championship (Women’s fight), Veronica said “I’m sad as I couldn’t bring the Golden Belt for the audience. But I’m satisfied with what I could fight to get draw as I just only two months in this Lethwei field and my opponent has been even 12 years. It was a difficult fight as I’m not good at using kicks.”

The 2nd most popular fight of the event is Myanmar’s top Lethweifighter SawGawMue Doe  and Iranian Nuclear Hadi. It turned out draw although they could show the great performance in front of the audience.

Lethwei Fighter, Lethwei World Championship (71kg), Saw GawMue Doe said “I think I still need to learn a lot as this fight ended with draw. I will try to my best so please continue supporting me.”

3 out of 8 matches of the 2ndLethwei World Championship were wins and the rest were draws.