Literary Conference: To Be Held In Yangon In December

15 November 2017

The press conference for holding the literary conference 2017 was kicked off in Yangon on Tuesday.

11 Writers and Arts Associations from Myanmar will jointly organize the conference. There will be 3 parts of programme for the literary conference 2017 such as – the Welcoming day of conference, the Opening day, and the Panel discussion and Literary conference.

Chairman, Conference organizing committee, Aung Soe said “The government supports us for holding this ceremony. The writers’ rights, translation methods and many issues will be discussed at the conference. Nowadays, There are lots of literary clusters so we altogether work for the conference.”

The welcoming day and opening ceremony of the conference will be held in front of the city hall. And the book fair, entertainment program and talks by the famous writers will be hosted at Maha Bandhula Park from 8thto 12th December.

Secretary, Conference organizing committee, Sanda said “There are lots of key notes from the panel discussion of the conference, so we will collect and represent those key notes at the final day of the conference. So we all will know about the voices of writers via the conference.”

The Literary conference 2017 will start from 13th to 16th of December at Myanmar Convention Center in Yangon.

The result of panel discussion of the literary conference 2017 will go to the different governmental organizations through the Ministry of information.