Magic & Circus: Central Committee Formed

17 August 2017

Aiming to conserve and improve magic and circus, a central committee comprised of experts was formed on the second week of August.

The committee will provide technical and financial assistance for circus performers and magicians. The committee also has a plan to open training schools. There will be cooperation as well to seek more audience, Secretary of the committee said.

Secretary, Central Committee, Magician Ko Khaing said “The committee will draw plans and strategies to improve the sector. We will upgrade the magic and circus. We will also hold joint magic-circus concerts.”

The committee will eliminate the cheating with magic. It also has plans to produce young magicians. The difficulties and challenges in magic and circus fields will be addressed with corporate efforts, Information Officer of the committee said.

Information Officer, Central Committee, San San Aye said “We are now facing equipment shortage. We can’t afford to buy some equipment so we happen to make by ourselves. So … such difficulties and challenges of the magicians and circus performers will be addressed by the committee.”

Circus Performer, Mr. Joker said “As the committee has plans to nurture young magicians, the magic field will be improved. But, for the time being, we still need international standard equipment.”

The number of professional magicians and circus performers is only two digits while there are hundreds of amateurs. The cost of a circus performance or magic show ranges between 20 million to 50 million kyats.